Sunday, April 21, 2013

What The Hell is Going on

Please stop it.No more crime on women.What is the main reason for increasing crime in Delhi which is the capital of India.Now recent brutal rape case of a 5 year old girl which again raise fire among the common people.Why people cross all the limits of humanity?
 According to AIIMS superintend Dr. D.K Sharama,  her condition is okay now and doctors said they had never before seen such brutal incident after removing a bottle and a piece of candle from her private parts.The girl was abducted on 15 April and kept inside the ground floor of the same building where the victim's family members  were staying.After file a complain in police station no quick action has taken  from the police.Reaction of leaders.PM Singh:"I am terrible disturbed."After one week every one will be busy in their work,The matter became cool and every thing will be normal and the trial going on for years.Who is the sufferer? Only the common man.The people who are in the system they are always safe.It may be recent Bangalore Blast or Hyderbad Blast every time the common men is the sufferer.The leaders and their family members they are safe.They will never be the victim.They will always gives the speech.

The problem is in our system.There are no immediate action against any crime.Think about the Capital punishment of SAUDI ARABIA.They have the public execution.They are conducting beheading of the criminal.It means they cut the head of a person if he is a  rapist.If this kind of law will be imposed then no body dare do think about  it.If our law is weak then this type of brutal incident will be continue.


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